Infra: Real Group show. Jonathan Levine Gallery.


March 13th. "Abundantia Cornu Copiae, Breviter" Group Show. Stephen Romano Gallery. New York.

February 22nd. "20 years under the influence of Juxtapoz" Museum show. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.

February 12th. “The Dirty Show” Group show. The International Erotic Art Exhibition. Detroit.

January 24th: “Freaks and Americana” Group show .Corey Helford. Los Angeles


October. "Roadside Attractions" Group Show. Copro Gallery. Los Angeles.

September. "Dystopian Visions" Group show. Guild Greene Gallery. New York.  

September: "BLAB 2014!" Group show. Copro Gallery. Los Angeles. 

September. "Giants Among us" Group show. Corey Helford. Los Angeles.

August. "Suggestivism: Chronology" Group show. Copro Gallery. Los Angeles

May 9th. "Anoint" Outsiders Gallery group exhibition London, England.

March 21st "Espionage 2" Copro Gallery group show. (Featuring Eric Fortune, Chris Mars, Dan Quintana) Los Angeles.

March 8. "Last Rites" Last Rites Gallery Re-opening Group Show. New York

March 6th. Scope New York Art Convention. Copro Gallery booth. New York.

February 21st "Pulp" Group Exhibition. Lazarides Gallery. Newcastle, England.

February 3rd. "Resonating Images III" Museum Show. William Roland Gallery of Fine Art, California Lutheran University. Featuring the best in contemporary realism. Odd Nerdum among the exhibited artists. Los Angeles.


December 4th. Miami Scope Art Convention. Corey Helford Gallery booth. Miami.

October 29th. "The Stone Like" Corey Helford Gallery. Solo exhibit displaying 10 paintings. Los Angeles. 

May - June. "The New Romantics" Space Junk Gallery. Touring art show. France. (Bayonne, Lyon, Grenoble, Bourg St Marice.)  Featuring artists like Martin Wittfooth, Nicola Verlato, Jerome Romain.

April 5th. Last Rites 5th Anniversary Show. (Featuring Shawn Barber, Brian Despain, HR Giger, Peter Gric. Chet Zar.) New York.

March 18th. "Art Collector starter kit" Group show. Corey Helford Gallery. (Featuring Martin Wittfooth. Natalia Fabia. Eric Joyner. Stella Im Hultberg, Ron English.) Los Angeles.


December 4th. Miami Scope Art convention. Copro Gallery Booth. Miami.

November 10. "Distant Shore" Solo show. Copro Gallery. 8 Paintings on display. Los Angeles.

September - March. "Pure drawing" Touring art exhibit. Space Junk Gallery. France (Bayonne, Lyon, Grenoble, Bourg St Maurice.) 

July 14. "One hundred dollars" Group art show. Littlefield Gallery. New York.

June 18th. "Sur-realism: The best in contemporary surrealism" Arcadia Gallery Group show. (Featuring Rick Berry, Brian Despain, Adam Miller.) New York

June 9th. "The art of movement" Corey Helford Gallery. Group show. (Featuring Coop, Chris Pugliese.) Los Angeles.

April 21st. "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me" Anniversary show curated by film director David Lynch. Copro Gallery. Los Angeles.

April 14th ."Fury" Last Rites Gallery. Solo show. 10 paintings on display. New York.

February 13th. "The Art Fusion Experiment". Last Rites Gallery Charity event. Art on display and painting with illustrator Dan Dos Santos in front of a live audience. New York.

January 17th. "Nocturnes: Romancing the Night" Grand Gallery - The National Arts club of New York. An exhibit featuring the best in contemporary painting. (Featuring Odd Nerdrum, Jason Yarmosky, Adam Miller, Martin Wittfooth.) New York.


Award: Inclusion in art annual "Spectrum Magazine 18: The best in contemporary fantastic art". Underwood Books. Title: Epiphany. 

December 4th. Miami Scope Art convention. Corey Helford Gallery Booth. Miami.

November 17. "Dark Water" Group Show Copro Gallery LA. The best of Figurative arts. (Featuring Steven Assael. Brad Kunkle. Jean Pierre Roy. Phil Hayle. Eric White, Jeremy Lipking Andrew Hem. Dave Cooper.) Los Angeles.

October 32nd: "Creep in show 4" -Group show. Last Rites Gallery, New York

October 15th. Realms of Fantasy Magazine. Commissioned artwork "The Man Who made no mistakes." Short story by Scott William Carter. 

September 9th. "Made In Polaroid 50 50 50" Art show. Philips De Pury Auction House, New York. (Featuring Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Brett Ratner.)  New York.

August 30th. "Genesis to Revelation" - Group show. Copro Gallery, LA

August 25th.  Gallery Snickarbacken 7. Group Show. Stockholm, Sweden

August 21st Realms of Fantasy - Commissioned artwork. Realms of Fantasy Magazine Issue.

August 9th. "Lucid Dreams" - Included at a show at the Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery, LA

July 29th. "Genesis to Revelation" Copro Gallery LA. Group show. Los Angeles.

July 22nd. "The Grand Reincarnation" Group show.  Last Rites Gallery. Live painting in front of an audience.  New York.

July 1st. "5 year anniversary Gala show". Corey Helford Gallery. Group show. (Featuring Stella Im Hultberg, Luke Chueh, Amy Sol, Kent Williams, Natalia Fabia.) Los Angeles.


Award: Award: Inclusion in the annual "Spectrum Magazine 17: The best in contemporary fantastic art". Underwood Books. Title: "Alice".

October: Creep-in-day. Group show. Last Rites Gallery. 

October: Beyond Eden Copro Gallery. Group show.

April: “Stray” Solo show. Copro Gallery

2006 - 2010

The School of Visual Arts - BFA Illustration program. Honor graduate.

Award: 2010. 3x3 Magazine Annual. Student merit award. “The Fog”

Award: 2009. Society of Illustrators: Student award, Lila Dryer Scholarship recipient. “Last Man on Earth”, “Zeus”

2004 - 2005 

Freelance illustrator and columnist. “Macho Magazine” (Adami Media). Aftonbladet. 

2000 - 2005 

Videogame designer. Amuze Media AB. 

2003. Headhunter: Redemption. (Xbox, Playstation2) Gameplay & level design 

2001. Headhunter (Dreamcast, Playstation2.) Gameplay & level design .